NYCRavers co-owner AjaxBeats is a Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop producer whose music walks the fine line between dark and light. Inspired by his childhood in the dark streets of Bedford Stuyvesant and the uplifting camaraderie of the underground rave scene, AjaxBeats makes music that speaks to people on a primal level yet remains dance-able and club-worthy at the same time. 

AjaxBeats production styles vary from Lofi HipHop , Chillhop , Boombap , Trap , Experimental Hiphop , Jungle , Neurofunk , Jump Up DnB , Liquid DnB and DnB Rollers.  Ajaxbeats musical  influences include J Dilla , Nujabes , STLNDRMS , RZA , Madlib , Pete Rock , Flying Lotus , RJD2 , mSdoS , Goldie , Paradox , Alaska , Calibre , Liondub International , Dub Gabriel , Ras Kiva , Dr. Israel , Pink Floyd , and James Brown.  AjaxBeats music can be digested on road trips or listented to during study / relax time.  Every beat / track is a feeling , experience or vibe expressed in the form of music.